When you are visiting a grave yard or mausoleum, look for the LegacyVoices QR-code on the crypt marker or cemetery headstone. Scan it with your smart phone and it will play a brief (1-to-5 minute) recorded message left by the dear departed or their loved ones.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hear a message from (or about) the dear departed?

Now you can – with legacy grave plates from QRcode Plate

Our primary QR-Code Legacy Plate provides a link to your legacy or to that of your ancestors. This is a metal plate that you can attach to a mausoleum crypt or cemetery head stone.  Remember that you may need to request  permission from the cemetery. When a visitor scans this QR-Code they are ready to hear the voice or story provided by the customer who had the foresight to provide us with the audio file.

The plate is made from metalphoto aluminum. This provides good structural stability and will endure the test of time and weather. will host your personal Legacy Voice tribute in perpetuity using your unique QR-code plate that we provide. There are other pricing options if permanent hosting is not desired.