Arlington National Cemetery

About Us

My name is Gregory Cox, Founder of I believe that most people do not buy WHAT we do, instead they buy WHY we do it. I come from a military family. In the beginning my mission was to give veterans a voice to celebrate their accomplishments and service to our country. When I saw my father’s headstone at the Arlington National Cemetery I knew the 11 lines of text seemed inadequate for him and all other veterans.

While in the Air Force I sacrificed many weekends to serve in the Honor Guard during burials of fellow veterans. I folded and presented many flags to grieving spouses. I wanted to give those spouses a voice for the veterans who could no longer speak for themselves. But I soon realized there are so many other fallen heroes who deserve a voice, especially all the first responders. So this is my hope – 100 years from now your ancestors will see your QR-code grave plate and scan it to learn about your Legacy.