Yes, of course, each QR-code Legacy Plate is unique for each customer.  No one else has the same QR-code which is the link to the audio file that you upload.

The subject matter of the audio file that you upload is your story, your legacy.  Someone is going to tell your story, it might as well be you.  How do you want to be remembered?  Or the story of a deceased family member.  Therefore it can be anything that you wish to share.  For veterans, you should include their military accomplishments.  We have even seen recipes written on tombstones.  An audio file from would certainly be an easier way to share that recipe.

tombstone recipe

The manufacturing process to create the QR-code Legacy Plate could take up 40 days as this is often done in batches.  However, we normally have inventory on hand, and the Legacy Plate will be shipped to you within 2 business days after you have made a purchase.  At that time you will be allowed to upload your audio file which will be hosted here at  The QR-code on your Legacy Plate is the link to your hosted audio file. 

It depends on the product that you purchase.  The hope and intent is to host each Legacy audio in perpetuity for future generations.  If you purchase a subscription, the Legacy audio will be hosted as long as the subscription is paid.

The MP4 files contain much more then audio.  As a result these files are quite large and consume more bandwidth when streaming.  Also the MP4 choice is a one-time cost to cover lifetime hosting.  Normally an MP3 format is a better choice.  As an example, a one-minute MP3 audio file size would be about 15MB.

This decision is up to the customer as it depends on the application.  These Legacy plates come with a 3M adhesive backing.  You might want to attach it to a funeral portrait.  However, I have seen different methods from drilling holes to using super glue on a tombstone.  Take care not to damage the QR-code.

Place the LegacyVoices Plate on any memorial where you have permission to do so.  That could be a cemetery headstone, a memorial bench, a tree, or even private markers at the pet cemetery.  Visitors to the memorial can scan the LegacyVoices Plate to hear your story.  Every cemetery has their own rules so it is up to the customer to determine those rules.

Yes, a customer may replace their audio file at any time.  Most likely this will be common practice for people who will upload their first draft that will eventually be replaced.